Engineer Automation

Customer is an internationally successful machine and project builder that gives a high priority to the development, construction and service of machines for their specific industry sector.

Engineer Automation - Engineering

What are you going to do
Within the team, which consists of 8 engineers, you develop - on the basis of the technical-commercial requirements package - functional and technical designs for the design and operation of the E-installation according to the applicable standards. Monitoring the realization of this (including test tests) is also part of your core tasks, as well as maintaining and making adjustments and improvements to existing solutions and standards. 

Further tasks that make the position exciting and challenging are: 
-    calculating cost prices for quotations
-    drawing up standard or project-specific user manuals and other documentation
-    maintaining and making adjustments to previously developed solutions and standards
-    installing the necessary hardware and software
-    configuring PLCs, adjusting controllers, detectors and controllers during collection/control of the control panels
-    calculating cost prices for quotations. 

In addition, you have contact with technicians in the field. You provide them with instructions regarding connections. Troubleshooting (remote) completes the challenge.

What are you responsible for

Your area of responsibility is solid. You follow the project pending with you from quotation to delivery. You are the one who checks the schedules of the supplier of the electrical installation and releases them for production. You alsoprovide  the end customer and project manager with the necessary information and you continuously and timely coordinate matters, both internally and externally.
For the design and operation of the installations you have realized, you make use of the existing standards as much as possible. Where necessary,  you can use your creativity towards sustainable solutions. The correct testing and delivery of, detection and remedying malfunctions in control systems  is also an important responsibility, as is helping to shape the (further) development of standards.

What to bring

A completed technical education at at least Bachelor level forms your basis, preferably in electrical and automation or control technology. Your attitude is positively critical, with a well-developed sense of how communication supports you in achieving your goals. You are proactive and assertive. You also take into account thesometimes divergent interests and/or wishes and requirements of the customer and our company. Optimal coordination with the project manager is a must. 
Last but not least, we attach great importance to giving substance to the team spirit. This means that you can count on your colleagues, but they can also count on you. Together we make  the team stronger and the team performance better.

What we can offer you 
In a personal conversation, our mutual ideas, wishes, possibilities and  your ambitions, both for the short and the longer term, are   extensively discussed. And more importantly,  we will continue to discuss this with each other  during your employment.

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