Technisch Trainer

Onze opdrachtgever maakt namelijk een mooie groei door wereldwijd! Ze maken High Quality machines. De machines gaan voor 80% richting het buitenland.

Technisch Trainer - Engineering

Manage and provide a trainee certification program for our Automation equipment while handling all relevant documentation and training


  1. SCOPE

The job is within the After Sales & Service department. The span of control is to execute training and certification program while maintaining the documentation of the required information for the trainees in relation to the used our Automation equipment.



Training & Documentation employee reports to the After Sales & Service Manager . For the daily operation the Training & Documentation employee follows the instruction given by the Back Office Service Supervisor.


  • Fully accountable for the trainee certification process
  • Accountable for proactively informing trainees about the need for certification renewals
  • Responsible for providing up-to-date training documentation and materials
  • Accountable for documenting the knowledge transfer to internal/external trainees
  • Responsible for managing an overview of all certified trainees and their status
  • Responsible for the proper execution of the trainings
  • Responsible for the availability of machines and consumables for in-house training at our location
  • Make sure that customers have the needed documentation belonging to the delivered system
  • Responsible for the right amounts to be invoiced for training and documentation
  • Actively contribute to a professional and profitable service organization


  • Define and maintain different levels of training per machine and target group (e.g. operator, technician, 3rd party, etc.)
  • Set up training programs in line with the different levels for various users
  • Organize and supervise the execution of the trainings in an efficient way
  • Give trainings session as a trainer or arrange for a certified trainer
  • Maintain the proper function of all machines for in-house training at Ranpak
  • Proactively remind customers of renewals
  • Assist the Back Office Service Supervisor in maintaining the relation with 3rd party service providers
  • Align with the appropriate colleagues to have invoices sent to customers and 3rd party service providers
  • Provide feedback to engineering about incorrect or incomplete machine documentation
  • Assist in problem solving of technical issues
  • Contribute to the growth of the knowledge base used by the service department
  • Provide recommendations to improve the serviceability of the machines
  • Support in investigation of warranty claims


  • Technical good expertise of all products especially related to the use and problem solving of the machines
  • Excellent communication and teaching skills
  • Be able to give technical training to different levels of trainees
  • Well organized and structured way of working especially for documentation needs
  • Eagerness to teach trainees the best way to use/maintain the machines
  • Full-time job
  • Language skills: English, Dutch, extra languages are an advantage
  • System knowledge: MS Office, MS Excel, Engineering drawings

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