Head of Innovations

As market leader in Europe, our client strives for continuous innovation and growth. We are looking for a visionary and dynamic Head of Innovations (HoI), who wants to grow and help shape the way to the future. We design, create and deliver the largest and most relevant offer on the European market.

Head of Innovations - Management

In this crucial role you will have a wide range of responsibilities:

1. Innovation strategy: You are responsible for developing a comprehensive innovation strategy that aligns with our long-term goals. You are expected to be up to date and you are expected to analyze and interpret the latest market trends to keep us at the forefront of the industry at all times. This requires a deep understanding of our product portfolio, our technical capabilities, our customer needs and the dynamics of our market.

2. Risk assessment: In this position you manage the risks associated with the implementation of new innovations. You will have to find a balance between striving for progress and ensuring optimal production and logistics processes. Your expertise in risk management will be crucial in helping us navigate the challenges of innovation and growth.

3. Project assessment: You assess project proposals on modularity, feasibility and technical feasibility. You will have to take a critical look at both the technical and the practical aspects of innovation. This means considering the technical feasibility, cost, ROI and strategic fit of each project.

4. Optimization: You see existing guidelines as opportunities, not obstacles. You are constantly looking for ways to understand, simplify and improve our processes. Your goal is to drive continuous improvement and ensure that our innovation initiatives lead to real operational improvements.

5. Team Leadership: You are in charge of building an effective and efficient organization. You will build and lead a team aligned with our innovation goals, ensure deadlines are met and manage the performance and development of your team members.

6. Strategic Operational Fit: You ensure alignment between our innovation strategies and our overall business objectives. This means you will be responsible for overseeing the integration of our innovation plans with the operational side of our business and ensuring that these initiatives contribute to our overall strategic goals.

7. Flexible Mindset: You are someone who proactively seeks out gray areas and constantly wonders how things could be done differently. You have a flexible mindset and are able to approach challenges from different perspectives and find creative solutions.

We are looking for someone who combines a strong strategic vision with a practical, hands-on approach. You have the opportunity to bring our innovation strategies to life in a tangible and effective way while understanding and respecting the operational realities of our production and logistics processes.

Your Profile:

We are looking for a driven and enterprising professional with a "can-do" mentality and the urge to move forward. As an entrepreneur you are able to think in terms of possibilities, you proactively come up with solutions and ideas, and you are able to see the bigger picture, even when faced with complex problems.

You are a natural, enthusiastic leader with at least 10-15 years of experience as a manager and all-rounder in the field of Product Development and/or Innovation. You have a Bachelor and/or Master degree and you have demonstrable knowledge of construction methods and a strong affinity with online design networks.

Your strong organizational skills and entrepreneurial spirit enable you to structure projects and build our organization in a systematic and structured way. You are able to do business, see the organization as your own company and have the drive to produce products. You have a proven track record in setting up, structuring and expanding a well-oiled innovation department. This also means that you have experience with applying processes and procedures.

You have significant experience in manufacturing environments and an extensive understanding of the supply chain. This includes a thorough understanding of production processes, logistics and inventory management. You also have a keen eye for identifying bottlenecks, implementing optimization steps and making existing processes more efficient. You are constantly looking for ways to improve production and supply chains, which benefits both business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

You have demonstrable experience in managing external specialists hired through platforms. As an entrepreneur you take your responsibility and you know what you want, what you can convey to others. You stimulate cooperation between internal and external employees, with the aim of creating efficient and effective teams.

You are a strong, independent discussion partner with persuasive power. You act as a sparring partner for management.

You are a strong conceptual innovator and creative thinker. You are a doer with a focus on collaboration, result orientation and critical insight into the organization. You are honest, decisive, persuasive and know how to maneuver well between the past and the present.

You are able to think disruptively, are self-critical and know when to challenge your own ideas. You are an experienced people manager, a bridge builder who can connect internal and external employees, and you are always result-oriented.

It is ideal if you live in Limburg, North Brabant or North Rhine-Westphalia. Mastery of English is a requirement for this position; mastery of the Dutch or German language is an advantage.

Reporting and Team Structure:

In the beginning you will report to the Head of Growth, but eventually you will become an integral part of our Management Team, with the ability to influence our business at the highest level.

If you are ready to take on this challenge and want to participate in the development of innovative products of our products, we invite you to send us your CV and motivation letter. We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps welcoming you to our dynamic team

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